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01:16am 22/01/2004
mood: artistic
Wee, I am new. I wanted to join some random communities tonight, so this is one. I am the kid in my group of friends who is always telling some random story, some of them are "classics" and some of them just don't make any sense. Anyhow, this seemed like a really good place for me.

First Random Story From Ali Evette (that's my name)
I get shipped off to French Camp every summer. Its in upstate NY on a college campus. Its pretty crazy shiz. The camp used to be pretty normal, until I started getting sent there. Now its absolutly out of controly cool. (Wow, that's my ego, but its true, I've reformed things.) Anyhow, so I have a friend there called Wade. In the dining hall there, there are these random canoes that are hanging from the celling, and all thru the week we were like, "lets throw something in there." well on the last day, we threw a donut into one of them. I just got a call from a friend who goes to University there, and she says that today people were throwing crap at the canoe and a donut fell out! MY DONUT RETURNS HOME!
Ali Evette
Weee! Death to monotony! 
11:09pm 02/11/2003
mood: bouncy
I stumbled on (or more plausably if you know me, stumbled over) this community whilst on a search for an "embarassing moments community." If you are sitting here wondering why the heck I would want to find a community for embarassing moments, its because I had a mind to start one if there already wasn't one for me to join. why? because I seem to have a lot of them, and in hindsite they can be pretty amusing. Turns out there already is one, but this community looks so much more amusing.

anyhoo. I have plenty of embarassing moments, but I'll start off with a plain and simple "wait a sec, that was WEIRD!" story.

I have about a two hour drive from where I live around cleveland to where I go to school at the University of Toledo. and the turnpike that I drive between the two of them I know pretty well. Since driving two hours is pretty boring I spend most of the time making up my own little landmark map of the turnpike. Anyways I was driving to school one day and I pass by this rather medium sized and obviously man-made pond with a quaint little man-made island in the center of it. And like all quaint little man-made islands in the center of quaint little man-made ponds was a cute little goat. Any ways I kept on driving untill i got to.....wait a second! Did I just say "a goat?" on an island? why?
I seriously must have spent the rest of the drive home pondering this. Why the heck would a goat be on an teeny tiny island? did the goat swim there? Can goats even swim? Why would a goat WANT to swim out to an island? Or is it possible that someone took the goat out to the island in a rowboat and left him there to die? or did the goat row himself out in a rowboat for a three hour tour only to be marooned there in a hurricane? Did the goat accidently land there after skydiving out of an airplane? But...Why? dear god why?!?! Alas, the goat was not there the next time I drove home, so I was not able to ask him why he was the sole inhabitant of the tiny isle, so unless someone in this community is marooned on an island with only a lap-top and a goat we may never know. All I know is that regardless of what it's actual name is as far as I am concerned the quaint little man-made island, in the quaint little man-made pond shall be called "goat island"

Hope I have broken some monontony with my ramblings.

and as a humble request to the web-master can we 86 the yellow on yellow web-links text thingy? I don't mean to whine but my eyes aren't what they used to be after all of my 19 years.
10:24pm 13/10/2003
  please, please take a look at this if you have any humanity you'll sign the petition.  
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well, if no one else is gunna post... 
03:18pm 12/10/2003
mood: scared
So, I've just arrived at Pittsburgh and I don't see my friend anywhere. I call her and find out there was a mix up and she was at the wrong bus station, but now she was on her way. So, I took a seat in a crowded area of the bus station.
However, around 7 the station really thined out. That's when this young black women (she would later tell me she was 23) came up to me and asked if I had change for a dollar, because she had to use the pay phone. Now, you have to understand, this girl had been walking up and down the station for longer than I'd been sitting there dragging a very large winter coat on the ground and carrying a shopping bag full of clothes. I thought I'd be nice and help her out, so I took out my purse and began to fish out 50 cents for her to use at the pay phone.
This is when I felt a tap on my shoulder and sitting behind me is a scary balding man, who turns to us and says, "you've just been caught." Internally I was like, "Whaaa." I looked at the girl, who from now on I will refer to as crazy girl, for reasons yet to be explained. Crazy balding man then proceeds to say he's kidding and goes of on a ramble about how he's trying to get his life back in order and he's in Pittsburgh trying to get his life back in order ( I swear to God, I am not making this up. It really happened, and shit like this could only happen to me).
Meanwhile, I'm boxed in as crazy girl is standing in front of me, refusing to take the change I'm trying to shove at her, and crazy man is sitting on the seats behind me. So, I'm litterally boxed in. Now, crazy girl starts her sob story. Talking about how she use to be preaty until her Dad's family did something "bad" to her. Then crazy man begins to play psychyatrist with crazy lady. And, I'm just sitting there thinking, "omg, somebody help me..." It's at this point that I realise that these people have me stuck here perfectly. So perfectly, I almost asked, "are you trying to hustle me or something?" Thank goodness I didn't, because I do not think that would have went over well with crazy man.
Here is why I think that. After crazy man pisses off crazy lady, I start trying to think of a way to excuse myself and sit somewhere else without pissing off crazy man. I start to get up, and crazy man touches my shoulder, and tells me he wants to talk to me. He proceeds to tell me that he'd hit anyone, and I should feel safe with him.
And here is the CROWNING FREAKY MOMENT! After SHOWING ME HIS TRACK MARKS, he proceeds to offer me some liqure that he producess from his bag. I causually said that I wasn't interested, and this seemed to piss off crazy man. "Look," ha said, "I'm not trying to hurt you, or rape you, or fuck you."
Internally I was like "AHHHHHHHHHH." Before, I was just worried about being robbed, this opened a whole new window of fears in my brain. Luckily, as crazy man was in the middle of asking me to stay and talk with him, I see my friend and quickly tell crazy man I have to go, grab all my shit, and ran like hell.

This was the begining of my weekend... Don't worry, my weekend got better.

NOW, here is my favorite part of the story. This is the part that shows how sad I am.

During the convo, with all 2 crazies crazy girl says that she use to be pretty until her family messed up her face. Her face, by the way, was not messed up at all. And, she actually was really pretty. NOW, crazy homeless man says, "your face isn't messed up."
"Yes it is," insists crazy girl, "they changed my face. I never use to have high cheek boned before." (Which, bye the way, WTF!)
"All young ladies are pretty," says crazy homeless man. "You're pretty," he says to her and then points at me, " and she's pretty," he says. Then, THEN...
Crazy girl looks at me a minute and says, "she's alright, but I was really pretty."

I then reilize my life has been reduced to being insulted by crazy homeless drug addicts. As if the fear of being robbed and raped was not enough, the nice insult... that just topped it off. No wonder I have low self esteam, freaking crazy people insult me! (I swear to god, I must be a character in a Kurt Vonnegut novel).

ps. this is way too long for me to spell check, sorry
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Stupid thing I said 
09:17pm 06/10/2003
mood: blah
So, my room mate and I are talking about stuff, and she told me that she spells her middle name with a y.

I was like, "Oh what's your middle name?"

"Lee, but it's spelled L-e-y."

"Wow," I said, "that's a common middle name. I have 4 friends with that middle name."

"Oh, how do you spell it?"

"L-y-n-n," I began. "Oh," I realized, "my middle name is Lynn."

This is what mid-terms do to ppl.

Embarassing moment... for someone 
07:23pm 29/09/2003
mood: giggly
So, today we had our first fire drill. It was really cold outside the dorm. I mean I was cold in my heavy sweater. I was looking around to see all the people in my building, and I noticed a girl standing there in her bath robe. She had on a blue bath robe with daisys on it, and she had curlers in her hair. Apparently she thought it was a real fire so she came outside to get safe, but instead got stuck waiting for like 15 minutes out in the cold. Other people's misfortunes can be so funny some times.

ps. Thank you guys for joining, please post some stories, and spread the word!
Odd Event 
02:51pm 27/09/2003
mood: giddy
I work in a grocery store, which is by far the most tedious job you could possibly imagine. It's also one of the jobs that has caused me the most angst. Customers always give me a hard time about the price of beans and stupid shit like that.

One day I was having a particularly bad day: 2 old ladies yelled at me, the credit card machine was down, and I had to do like 300 price checks (which at our broke ass grocery store means you get out from your register and run around the store trying to find the price), and people just in general were pissing me off. Even my boss commented that I appeared to be having a really rough day.

Now, here comes the completely odd twist of events. So this old lady just gets done bitching to me about how I made her bags to heavy, when I look up to see... a clown. A CLOWN just standing there in my line, with his big shoes, bow tie, wig, and make up. He was holding a bunch of balloons and his basket of groceries. I wish I would have had my camera because it was the weirdest thing. And... it gets weirder. So this clown puts his groceries on the belt and turns to me and says, "Julia how are you?" I was like... I know a clown? I looked closer to see that he was my old teacher! He proceeded to tell me that he now did this for a living, and he was stopping to pick up some stuff in between 2 birthday parties he was scheduled for. It was so random, but it defititaly gave me something to laugh about the rest of the day.